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Attendance Procedures

Please report your child's absence by calling our Safe at Home Absence Line at  215-938-0270.    
Please use the links below to access each school's attendance forms (Electronic Blue Cards), to review each school's attendance guidelines and procedures, and to contact each school's attendance secretary.    
In order to assist families in tracking student absences and to ensure that students are receiving a quality education by attending school, letters will be mailed home to make sure students do not exceed the 15 day excused absence limit.  
High School  
High School Attendance Secretary: Andrea Schill    
Murray Avenue   Murray Avenue Attendance Form  
Murray Avenue Attendance Procedures  
Murray Avenue Attendance Secretary: Natalie Firko    
Pine Road   Pine Road Attendance Form   Pine Road Attendance Procedures  
Attendance Secretary: Cindy Archutowski    

LMTSD Policy 204: Attendance